#opendata advises
19#opendata advise 17: avoid political driving of your #opendata project. They are not 'open'. They only support openness when not in power13-8-16
18#opendata advise 16: The issue is not only to release open data but also to pave the way to use it, externally or internally to your entity12-8-16
17advise 15: if you have csv file don't convert into pdf it for publishing. Otherwise use tools like https://t.co/q320sqRY5B11-8-16
16#opendata advise 14: #opendata is the grounds but you need also tools algorithms & expertise to create knowledge10-8-16
15#opendata advise 13: few portals have all their datasets in good shape. Check them. And provide feedback, otherwise it won't be fixed8-8-16
14#opendata advise 12: if you create a data portal create a rss feed with the new version of datasets, upgrades and support changes, etc7-8-16
13#opendata advise 11: The most difficult open data topic is not dealing with data but aligning people. Focus on that. Data will comply ūüėÄ6-8-16
12#opendata advise 10: Currently there is plenty of data around there. Leverage data connection to create/extract actual knowledge out of it5-8-16
11#opendata advise 10:turn your static datasets into streams of data. The sooner you release the better.5-8-10
10#opendata advise 9:Do you know European standard 4 #opendata portals DCAT-AP? it's massively used in @EU_DataPortal http://buff.ly/2aye5lb4-8-16
9#opendata advise 8: to publish data you need a supportive organisation and commitment to change their processes. Otherwise it'll decay3-8-16
8#opendata advise 6: It is important to publish data, but it is as important that somebody use it. Help citizens understand what you release1-8-16
7#opendata advise 7: if you think that opendata is about data you're missing the point. It is about what you can be done with it.2-8-16
6opendata advise 5: create a rss feed for your opendata portal reporting whenever you upgrade a dataset31-7-16
5#opendata advise 4:do not reinvent the wheel. Explore other #opendata portals before making structural decisions30-7-16
4Friday advise: whenever release #opendata look for other datasets and Friday advise: whenever release #opendata look for other datasets and copy their data model if there is not a public standard copy their data model if there is not a public standard29-7-16
3Thursday's advise: Whenever possible, if you release data as #opendata include geolocation info to your dataset.28-7-16
2Wednesday advise: whenever you create a #transparency portal release information in reusable formats27-7-16
1Tuesday's advise : pdf format IS NOT #opendata or #transparency. Hopefully @anticorruption will update its standard soon.26-7-16