Current situation of PSI reuse in Spain

Spain could be described as


Licensing conditions change in Spanish PSI sources Nov-11 to Sep-13

a strong and early supporter of PSI publishing policies. In fact in the period from 2010 to 2013 there has been a huge change in the licensing conditions of the released information as shown in next graph.

Besides this, a constant increase in the amount of available sources Illustration 13.

Illustration 13, New public opendata portals in Spain. Based on CTIC data.


Several studies have been launched from the public administrations in order to understand what impact provides the information reuse and some of their results are translated here. For example (, 2011).

And (, 2012)

Estimation of activity depending on type of information. Spain 2011

Business 37,6%

Geographic/Cartography 30,5%

Legal 17,0%

Transport 5,2%

Socio-demographic/Statistics 1,9%


Other: TIC 6,7%

Text 1, Infomediary business activity Spain by type of information (, 2011)


The use of PSI sources has become popular due to the impulse from civil society through app competition like the pioneer abredatos (2010)1 and other social platforms. Currently PSI coming from Smart cities is attracting most of the attention.

The current quantitative assessments (, 2012) show a picture of an industry of about 400 million euros for the Spanish economy (0.04% of GDP) and restrict their study to the value created by infomediary companies. (Branch 1-6 in Illustration 8)

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