Data consumption by infomediary companies

This graph shows consumption of information by infomediary companies classified by type for years 2011 and 2012 and next graph details the increase in the reuse. Several answers were possible for every surveyed company, results could exceed 100%.


The information of this last graph will be compared with the analysis carried out in 4.3. Impact of reusability conditions on data consumption in order to determine if there is a relation between the increase in the use of information and the reusability of data sources. Y-axis reflects the increase of consumption as a percentage, taking into account that in absolute levels it is likely a heavy decrease (turnover decline of these companies reach around 24% in 2012). Unfortunately these data reflect data consumption and not the turnover related with the type of information because such data are not available. Therefore in next studies it will be needed to determine which the relation between data consumption and turnover is in order to determine the right economic impact.

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