Economical background

The overall impact of the public sector information reuse has been evaluated extensively, ranging from 0.25% of the total aggregated GDP for the European Union and Norway (MEPSIR, 2006), 1% of GDP in (PIRA, 2000), and up to 1.7% UE’s GDP (Vickery, 2013), where the direct and indirect economical impact is taken into account.
These differences reflect the variability in the estimation of methodologies used, and, the scope of what is inside the PSI economic impact. Furthermore, estimations of the potential of the market contrast with the actual data coming from the surveys done. For example, in Spain, where this study will focus, 0.25% of GDP results in a potential market of 2.680 Million € for 2012, while surveyed data in (, 2012) only accounts for 400 Million (15% of the potential).
If previous analysis were right about the real market potential – a conservative mean could be 1% GDP – it is easily understood, if we compared it with EU economy growing rate in 2012 – -0.2% – , the drawing of interest on this field.
Summarizing, this background analysis shows that we are in a very attractive field of study, with a strong support from the EU policy-makers but showing a weak theoretical basis.

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