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Helping Spanish linked open data portals to meet EU regulations

March 12, 2016 / maestro / DCAT, linked data, NTI, open data, Uncategorized

Just a tiny spillover of my job to share with you.

If you are a linked open data portal administrator in Spain is quite likely that you have chosen the Spanish regulation to categorize all the datasets in your catalogue. The coming EU regulation, DCAT-AP use a slightly different approach, and they have qualified around 250.000 datasets according to this new regulation in the pan-eu open data portal. Don’t they?. Maybe the table below will help you to simplify while reassigning your informations to the new categorization coming in.

Topics in  DCAT-AP v1.1
Topics in Spanish regulation NTI reutilización
Science and technology ciencia-tecnologia
Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food medio-rural-pesca
Economy and finance economia
Education, culture and sport educacion
Energy energia
Environment medio-ambiente
Government and public sector sector-publico
Health salud
International issues
Justice, legal system and public safety Legislacion-justicia
Regions and cities  Urbanismo e infraestructuras
Population and society demografia
Transport transporte

Of course it is an absolutely unofficial categorization so it is open for improvement. Use it ‘As is’  no guarantee.

Good luck!

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