Methodology for data collection of infomediary companies

Methodology for data collection of companies, for this work corresponds to the raw data provided by the companies anonymously for two studies (, 2011) page 8 section 2.2, and (, 2012) page 6 section 1.3.1. It includes a sampling on ‘every’ infomediary company in Spain. These studies use classification of PSI information based on former studies (MEPSIR, 2006).
Answers comprehend information about 70 companies for year 2011 (, 2011) answering a 142 questions form and 72 companies in 2012 answering a 171 questions form (, 2012). This is the only source of this kind in Spain, and possibly the only one for a country providing information for two different years.
With these data it is possible to describe briefly the sector; however data do not provide enough insights on the relation between economic value creation and data consumption. Therefore the analysis will be carried out with the information consumption instead of the turnover of the companies.

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