Analysis and Time to Implement Reuse (TTIR)

The performed analysis looks for relation between the reusability of data sources, based on their legal licensing, technical standard and access mechanisms with the data consumption by infomediaries and having as parameters the scope and the type of information. There is only aggregated information of the economic turnover of these companies classified by type of information used. It has to be noted that available data for companies were collected on June 2012, when data for data sources has been collected in September of 2013. (15 months delay).

It is clear that a time (Time to Implement Reuse) should be taken since the availability of information to the first dataset reuse.

Where R is the information reuse in time t and P is the publishing of information.

Where type refers to the type of information, reusability summaries the dimensions of MELODA, interoperability refers to the meaningful and global adoption of the technical standard adopted and promotion refers to the campaigns from different agents in order to promote reuse.

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