Global model of the economic impact of PSI reuse

The model provides a theoretical model for addressing most of the effects around economic impact of PSI reuse. The description of the proposed model comprehends these elements:


Line 1 reflects the most common studied line of value creation. This is the economic turnover of those companies which provide added value services based on PSI. Examples of this line include those companies providing financial solvency, geographical based services, etc. This will be the focus of the data analysis in this research.
Line 2 reflects the economic impact (savings, additional services) for the use that citizens do based on public information. Examples of this line include open science data information released under, etc.
Line 3 show the use that third sector organizations create based on PSI ranging from apps non-profit, to any other services which NGO provides to the citizens.
Line 4 reflects savings created in the pubic administrations as main users of the released data.
Line 5 reflects the impact on citizens because of the services provided by the NGO. Same way line 6 reflects the economic impact on products and services of the consumers of those products created by the professional providers (infomediaries).

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