Assessment process of MELODA metric

Assessment could be easily performed by filling a simple form. As a result MELODA provides a final figure for any dataset released composed according with this formula.


where each of the factors weights from 0 to 100%, so that MELODA ranges from 0 to 10. Further explanation about MELODA assessing process is included into annex 7.1.3.

Here there is one example of the assessment process with MELODA 2.5 metric.



Institution A releases a dataset D as linked data but without further explanations about the ontology used, licensed for commercial re-use, and being able to be queried as a SPARQL resource.

Step 1: Legal assessing: Level 4 Step 2: → 90% (Commercial use)

Step 1: Accessibility assessing: Level 5 Step 2: → 100% (Queryable through SPARQL)

Step 1:Technical assessing: Level 4 Step 2:→ 75% (Metadata without details)

Step 3:


We could say Dataset D is marked with a 8.22 / 10 in MELODA metric.

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