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Talking about open democracy and open data

May 19, 2016 / maestro / opendata

Today I will join @furilo moderated by @abarbero talking about these topics. Hopefully the questions will be much more interesting that our contributions. I will try con convince the audience that releasing data is not only a transparency practice but a management tool. Thanks to Eduard Gil, (Sagessa) and Maria Jesus Ruiz (from truly […]

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Basics of open data (spanish)

May 5, 2016 / maestro / #RISP, opendata

Find here 5 videos about the basics of open data. Language is Spanish. Recorded 4 years ago and available in youtube, surprisingly they are quite current. Definición Open data y precedentes open (Ivan Sánchez) @realivansanchez Open data desde el punto de vista ciudadano (David Cabo) @dcabo El futuro del open data para las administraciones(Guzman Garmendia) […]

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Open data against CBD

December 14, 2015 / maestro / Uncategorized

CBD, Charlatan Based Decisions, are, in the political arena, those decisions taken not because is there any data backing it but just because they sound coherent with an ideology. After a CBD is taken, data about the results are ignored, distorted, manipulated, or, in the best case, only presented those that hardly fit into their […]

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Publication: Information reuse in Smart cities’ ecosystems in scientific journal

December 2, 2015 / maestro / opendata

Smart cities are service providers as well as sources of public data. The reuse of cities’ data through the application of technology enables the creation of innovative services for citizens. Apps, developed by reusing information, are considered a key indicator for the creation of services. This paper explores the main characteristics of these apps and […]

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My presentation for SEDIC 2015

November 12, 2015 / maestro / Uncategorized

On November 12nd I have been presenting MELODA talking about information reuse and collaborative economy on XVII SEDIC sessions. Find here the presentation. 20151113 jornadas-sociedad-informacion-biblioteca-nacional aag-v01 from Alberto Abella 20151113-JORNADAS-SOCIEDAD-INFORMACION-BIBLIOTECA-NACIONAL_AAG_V01

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