Future goals

Short term goals

  1. To review and complete MELODA metric in order to include interoperability factor. Then review this analysis in order to assess its impact. Hopefully it should be carried out with real data, and not aggregated. It could help to determine the ratio of influence of every factor.
  2. To study how time impacts on the start of information reuse and other specific support actions (i.e. promotion plans) influence the development of the economic impact.
  3. If available, contrast the sampled data with the infomediary use of information for 2013, in order to check the hypothesis of the ‘Time to Implement Reuse’. Once validated it would help to weight the different factors of MELODA metric with a more accurate estimation.
  4. To check the relation between reusability of data sources and real economic turnover of companies and not only with their data consumption. Again availability of data could be a challenging restriction.

Middle-term goals

  1. If modelling could be successfully carried out and results proved to be useful, it would be possible to answer questions as : Who should afford the costs of PSI publishing and what regulatory structure should be adopted to support it?
  2. To check economic reuse with the App economy (economy coming from the mobile use).
  3. Extending the analysis by including data coming from the rest of branches of the model, specifically the performance increase of the public administrations accessing to updated and fully available data.
  4. It is expected that in short future information coming from the private sources of regulated sectors (banking, energy, telecommunications, etc) could be considered public so it should be included as additional data sources.

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