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Report : The reuse of open data: an opportunity for Spain

October 26, 2017 / maestro / Uncategorized

The report Reutilisation of Open Data: an opportunity for Spain, was presented on the 23rd of October. It characterises a representative sample of the 20,000 datasets published in Spain (march 2017).

The study reveals the lack of homogeneity and quality of the published open data, which makes it difficult to create innovative businesses.

Data-driven for-profit services (from those listed in the open data portals) business models are geolocated (87%) and  in real time (66%), while only 16% of the data published in open portals has some geographical reference and less than 1% are updated in real time.

Other weaknesses identified are the lack of use of portal management tools, the standardization of data models and a limited knowledge on the part of the managers of the open data portals about their use. In particular, 40% of portals confirm that they do not have access logs to their data.


Additionally and as a consequence of the findings of the report it was proposed to create a European association of data publishers, to coordinate efforts to help harmonise information, adopt common interpretations of existing regulations and generate knowledge about the use of data and their economic and social impact.

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