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Methodology for public transparency

September 30, 2017 / maestro / Uncategorized

Long time ago since I haven’t written anything in this blog.

Now I want to share an interesting methodology to check the transparency in a public institution, and why not? in a private one as well. It has been developed by the council of transparency of Spain.

It is call MESTA, an acronym of “Methodology for evaluating and monitoring the transparency of public activity” in spanish. you can download Mesta and its annexes for free.

It’s goal is to check the right implementation of the Spanish transparency, access to information and good government law (19/2013). It allows  the self-assessment of the entity. It includes active publication of information and the freedom of information regulation.

It provides you with forms in order to carry on an audit on the implementation of the law and its adaptation to the different layers of the administration, national, regional and local, taking into account the different regulations that apply.

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