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Recommendations for formatting published information to improve transparency. M4T

December 20, 2016 / maestro / Uncategorized

The information that is published and that imposes barriers to reuse is not really open from the point of view of transparency. The monitoring action of the published information can only be produced if it can really be used and reused with the minimum cost and maximum reach.

Six recommendations are included here for the provision of information.


The license of use must be of open data, that is to allow the commercial use, the processing and the redistribution of the modifications.

Technological format

From the point of view of formats, in the face of transparency, any document that includes only data should be published in an open and reusable standard.
In case of requiring text accompanying the document, all sources of data (including graphics) must be included in a standard that meets Reusable Open Standard 3.

Access mechanisms

Access will not require registration, and only for the massive use of data can a registry be requested that should not include anything other than an email, and that will be automated both from the point of view of the approval and from the point of view. View of the request (ie that the interaction can be scheduled for the registered access request.
Access will allow automated access through programming interfaces (APIs). 1

Data model

When the published information contains data sets, these will include identifiers of the same. In case of exisitr standard standards for published information should be used in a mandatory manner. Likewise, an explanation of the data model must be included, and that such information has the same free access mechanisms as the rest of the content.


The information that refers to geographic or geolocalizable elements must always include the coordinates, and in addition, text fields that require the positioning of the information.

Real time

The information will be published as soon as possible, and never later than 20% of the time required for its generation. E.g. If it is annual the maximum admissible would be two months, in case of being monthly, it would be a week, in case of being daily, at 5 o’clock, etc.

I call it Meloda for transparency, abbreviated M4T.

I hope you enjoy it and any feedback will be welcomed.

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